Process optimisation

We help you optimise established processes!

Quality Systems and manufacturing processes which have grown over many years tend to get complex and become difficult to manage. Very often, the advice provided by an external expert, who hasn’t been involved in those processes for a long time, will be beneficial in identifying and leveraging hidden potential.

With more than 38 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we help you increase output quality, save time and reduce costs by optimising established processes with a holistic and future oriented approach.

Systemic consulting: Analysing both technical and social aspects

For any optimisation to be successful, we believe it is crucial to take into account the interests of all stakeholders, motivate all staff members and build on trust and collaboration. Our certified systemic consultants are experts at analysing not only the technical but also the social aspects of established procedures.


During our work, we emphasise on

  • transparency throughout the procedure,
  • communicating the benefits of change and motivating all staff members in order to reduce concerns and increase cooperation,
  • resolving communication problems,
  • collecting input from all stake holders with well structured methods, involving both machine operators and executives,
  • building an organisational error management culture,
  • identifying the key elements for optimisation and providing expert advise,
  • planning and implementing optimisation measures.